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Reviews for "Another Day Seven"

Brilliant as always

When I saw who had made this I knew that it was going to be good, and as usual you didn't disappoint. I admit that I haven't seen much of your other work outside of the Decline series, but this has wetted my taste for some more, so I am going to go and watch the rest. The graphics were top notch, the music perfectly suited, and it had a style only you guys could pull off...
5/5 (no surprises there then!)


is the one series I enjoy that you make. I've followed all 7 of the another day movies since they've been out and they fasinate me.

Even with the simple drawings the are amazing. I'm not saying that you need detail because with to much detail its hard to animate the movements but yet you pull it off.

10/10 amazing i love it. don't change.

The music was a bit depressing for me but I found it was a good choice for the animation style. How bout for the next one you make it a lil move fast paced and jumpy.


Everything running in order.

None really but keep it that way. I don't want you to start inserting crappy psp jokes everywhich way.




...this is all frame by frame.

...all of it....... is frame by frame.

.......all of it is frame by frame.....

.....frame by frame......





The-Super-Flash-Bros responds:

haha! a fellow animator I see.

that was good

that was the best another day ever make another day

Best another day out

No doubt about it, best ever,
I can't understand a lick of it, but thats what i love about it.
Music rules too, any chance of a download somewhere becuase that song rules.
Keep up the good work for another day!