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Reviews for "Our World {durn}"

Pretty Nice

This is Catchy :D i like it. Love the Kick/Snare.
And the break down part :D Very Nice

durn responds:

w00t :D I love bein' catchy! :D thanks S-Rock!


The last time I heard a House song this good was probably at least a few years ago! This is the first song I've heard by you, durn, but if your other songs are as good as this one...you're very musically talented! Keep at it!! =]

durn responds:

:) Thanks Zerlot. I hope a few others peak your interest. :D


Very nice song mate :). I can heard in this some Superfunk style. Awesome.

durn responds:

I just funked yo momma! ;)

lol, no, no I didn't. :D thanks for the review, man.


great job man........................somehow it sounds familiar

durn responds:

uh oh! I better get my roomie to plug this into Shazam tonight and see what comes up! :d don't think I based this off anything, but who knows, my mind's a melodic sponge.

thanks for the review, shadow. :)

Love this song ^^

It's awesome as usual, i can't get the melody out of my head >_<

durn responds:

muahaha, a catchy tune to stick in your brain! :D

hopefully it won't turn to mush. overexposure to durn has been known to cause fits of relaxation and mellow explosions!