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Reviews for "Our World {durn}"


wow. that is amazing! you should get an oscer!

durn responds:

lol, I think you mean a grammy. But since I'm Canadian I think I'd have to settle for a Juno award. ^_^

thanks for the review, cyberboy! :D


Well made. A bit repitative at times.

durn responds:

thanks man. and of course it's repetitive, it's house music. :D

but yeah, probably the lead synth that I coulda changed the melody up a bit every 16 bars. ah well, I liked the way it harmonized with both basslines so I kept it. :d

thanks for the review. :)

This is 'Our World' indeed!

This piece of music just moves me, it's got a good base that i can feel from my toes to the top of my head. Absolutely spectacular. The song gives me a mental image of someone being a head DJ, in a suppressed world, where freedom is near non-existent, but this song, sets them free, and starts a revolution for freedom, saying that this is indeed 'our world'. it's got a very upbeat strength to it. I've been looking for songs of high caliber, and I've found one here.

The song also loops quite nicely, fades in and out fluidly to itself.

durn responds:

:) Thanks Riversand! You basically described the Daft Punk movie, man. :D lol, and they're a definite influence of mine, so that's pretty cool. :d

If you haven't seen it, go watch it here. It's amazing. :)

http://video.google.com/videoplay?doc id=5585590460724266855#


dude, totally awesome song man... ya, im listening to it right now.... and again..... third time.... oh ya lol this is a great song man ^_^ i love the effect of the muffled sound.

it reminds me of DragonBallZ when goku is fighting cooler under water, hehe of course this has a more lovible feeling to it than fighting ^_^

i would totally like this song in a game man, groov'n to this and blasting bad guys! lol i love it!

durn responds:

:) heh, would be cool if it got used in some games. :D thanks for leaving your thoughts on where the song took you. :)


Can't argue with a good theme also great song dude keep it up.

durn responds:

:) Thanks GamerX8!