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Reviews for "Our World {durn}"


you're an amazing artist! Can you make a song similar to this one but with more life? No offence but it's quite repetetive. It's still very nice though. Can i use the song :)

durn responds:

Depends what you're using it for... :) For a free game on newgrounds or a video on youtube or something, sure. :)

and more life?!? :( I'm giving it all I've got, captain!

speaking of using my song though... I asked a Youtube poster and fellow newgrounder, Millsa, to try something weird with the song's video... :D go have a look and be prepared to laugh!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFyQB4 i_QxY

thanks for the review, killgore. :)

I'm a fan =]

This is pretty damn good, and I'll have to agree with the other's that said you've got Daft Punk-esque sounds. Your bassline is prettymuch a dead ringer for a Daft Punk song, and your overall melody sorta reminds me of their song Aerodynamic a bit. Granted, it's also very different from what they've done, it's slower paced, and your drum beat doesn't sound much like what they'd, but that's not a bad thing =P

Enough with the comparison. The song itself is solid. It seems a little boring and repetetive at the end, but the overall song is good enough to cover that. I like your drum beat, what with the lack of a 4 on the floor beat in liu of a more unconventional beat. The bassline is just awesome. The overall melody, as I said, get's repetetive and boring, perhaps a bit more variation, or adding some other patterns in would help, but it's not something that absolutely must be done =P I like the melody-ish thing you introduced at 2 minutes quite a bit, it adds to the funky feel of the song =D Overall, good job. 10/10 from me =]

Keep up the good work =D

durn responds:

well, thanks dude. though I gotta correct ya on one thing. a 4 to/on the floor beat is exactly what I -did- use in this song. :) the shuffle from the rhythm was coming from the hi-hat samples & loops I was using coupled with the fact that I was side-chaining the loops against the kick.

glad you liked the bridge! :) thanks for the review!



durn responds:

Thanks Zuccinin! :)


great job man........................somehow it sounds familiar

durn responds:

uh oh! I better get my roomie to plug this into Shazam tonight and see what comes up! :d don't think I based this off anything, but who knows, my mind's a melodic sponge.

thanks for the review, shadow. :)

You produce great house tracks

I didnt notice til I scrolled down that you also made summer solace. lovin your music man, listenin to this in a chilly room but its warming me up a bit, maybe its just me thinkin about listening to this come summer.

people are probably hearing the daft punk sound because of the Wurlitzer, they used it on Discovery abit. or perhaps they hear it because you know how to make good house tracks just like DP know how to.

durn responds:

aye, I shouldn't complain. pretty high accolades to be compared to daft punk. :d hehe, more than likely it's due to the side-chaining I use. they were huge users of side-chain compression to get their kicks to punch through. I'm a big fan of the method myself.

glad to have found another fan. :D thanks for the review, OdHero!