Reviews for "Edd and Tom 1: Edd@OWNED"

A very short flash...

Yeah, this flash only lasted ten seconds. O__O However, that doesn't make me think it's crap. The graphics were alright. Some animation inm this flash, but not much. This flash was alright, the voice I found quite funny, especially when he said shit and owned. Overall, an OK flash that was very short, but it was a bit funny.


TomSka responds:

Thankin youns

One of the shortest Flashes...

I've ever passed!

Its OK, its funny, theres nothing wrong with it, I've given it the most points I could reasonably give something with so little to it.

Will somebody please tell me what 'OWNED' means in this context- you Americans etc. suddenly use it all the time!

TomSka responds:

It basically means that you have just gained the right to posses someone seeing as you are clearly more awesome than them.

(not enough room to put what I wanted to say)

You ought to put up your other stuff up here, so people can understand what is going on.

TomSka responds:

Well, just check out some of Edds stuff like, 'Behind Eddsworld'

That should clue you in a tad


where's the good at? :(

Well that was as short as the rate Ill give it....

what, it took you like 30min to "create" this flash? well its not worth the 5 seconds, btw LAME JOKE.

TomSka responds: