Reviews for "Edd and Tom 1: Edd@OWNED"


I like your submissions.. this one was aight.. Make some more DD's

A very short flash...

Yeah, this flash only lasted ten seconds. O__O However, that doesn't make me think it's crap. The graphics were alright. Some animation inm this flash, but not much. This flash was alright, the voice I found quite funny, especially when he said shit and owned. Overall, an OK flash that was very short, but it was a bit funny.


TomSka responds:

Thankin youns

OH SHIT!!!!! Owned!

Although the graphics are kind of bad, and the sound is terrible, it is halarious.

TomSka responds:



I like the concept of the movie - two characters discuss some random nothingness, until one is completely and utterly owned. It's like a big inside joke, that for people on the outside of the circle can still laugh at the concept of it all. The artwork is very simple, with quite basic shapes like circles for heads, etc, and unfinished bodies, and vast similarites to shows like Samurai Jack. However, this is not important as the humor is definately what makes this movie work. The voices went by a bit to quick for my liking and it really sounded a bit muffled in the microphone. I like short movie ideas, but I hope that if you continue to make this into a series that you begin to add more and more to the plot and make them a little bit longer. Good luck,


TomSka responds:

I like this review, you've actually put effort into it so I believe it deserves a sensible responce. Well, I've been waiting for a good pilot for the duo and I decided that this was it.

[21:39:37] Tom: EDD
[21:39:46] Edd: YAr?
[21:39:53] Tom: Smells
[21:39:54] Tom: LOL!
[21:40:00] Edd: *owned*

Well, each time a hillarious conversation takes place, the respectable viewers of NG will be the first to know.

Thanks for your interest, Tom.

Woa jet lag...

Could have been longer.(Brain Smoking from too much info)

TomSka responds:

10 seconds pure awesome not good enough for you EH!?