Reviews for "Edd and Tom 1: Edd@OWNED"


that was random but AWSOME!!!!!1


You said it Tom,that was awesome. =D

... nothing

really i got nothing smells what smell u smell thats what!!!!!! ...... bored (suicides) and that was so short i have to watch till it lets go

Hey, man. Believe it or not...

I was one of the people who protected and passed this thing when it was made...I'm just makin' a review now.

It's nice. Owned!!

Shortest thing I've ever passed.

Short and pointless... but it funny!

This was short and so pointless... but it was so funny! However, I don't really know what to write about... other then it was short and pointless and pretty funny. So, umm... I guess I'll stop writing now...