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Reviews for "Teh Kewl Compilation"

The World is quite insane....doesn't it?

this is a proof that why the cars make more pollution today!!, accroding with the stadistics 7 of 10 cars are violated every minute; do somthing good and every time you take a ride, clean it DEEP!!..

Well after a bit of information, this surely make me burst of laughs, if this is shit i can't wait to see your whole work!!, keep it up man!!

LinkanMedia responds:

As soon as I get photoshop and flash 8 I'll be starting to make flash for real. Stay tuned for some messed up shit!

i c!

i don't really get why i found this funny but the green trigger happy monster made me crack! was... unique... shall we say? i think its great tho! lol!

LinkanMedia responds:

Yeah, the green trigger happy monster is lol'ish. Glad you liked it!


This is really unappropiate with that picture of that dude... ewww!!! ... Man that was gross! Never do anything like this! Please! And everything was pretty bad too. You should have used a better joke. And maybe anything to make this better.

LinkanMedia responds:

Gross? More like fun.

Sadly this will probably pass

The menu was good, but the actually things were terrible. Try adding some content in them instead of just two seconds of repeating flash

LinkanMedia responds:

Of course it passed, it's the shit! Sometimes the most simplistic things can be entertaining.


Im not exactly sure how much time and effort you put into this... but it seems like you just threw this together in a couple of hours.

Im sure you could do better.

LinkanMedia responds:

Like I said, it's bullshit I found on my computer. Projects that was never taken any further... what did you expect?