Reviews for "Police Bribe"

That was pretty funny.

Cop's wearing sun glasses at night though...

Why are people so generous with their five star ratings? Look, I think it's a great piece, but it's too cartoonish for me. Besides that, there are some flaws, such as; the police officers hand is coming up but his arm is going down, the fact that you just glued Benjamen's face onto some body with a sweater, the fact that the dolor bill has these weird lines going through it, the fact that Benjimin has weird lines going through it, or the fact that the police officer's hat looks messed up. The joke is also a issue, it's not the best joke out there, I didn't really laugh. But the fact is that you demonstrated it perfectly, I can see why someone likes this particular piece of art, I just don't see a five star rating.

benjamin hipster XD also cop,dat no bribe,its his extremely out of date id card

One of the most truly creative art submissions I've ever seen on NG.