Reviews for "PALADIN episode 4"


This brings everything to a whole new level. Detail was intense, the bird gave it a good feel aswell. Well done in all aspects.


That was kickass! And the voice acting wasn't bad! I can't wait for the next one. Good job! :D


great job on all of this, animations...and the bird ^_^

fight scene with skeletons was good

and CoB is teh roxxorz

despite that its pretty much...not suited paladin music :D

Very Good!!!!

Great Animation!! It's every bit as good as the first three and thats saying something! You also found some very appropriate music. At least one of the songs was from Chaos Gate right?

Liked It A Lot

One Question.. Why Didn't He Fly Up The Steps..? That's What He Did To Get There.. Haha.. Flaw. :P... Anyways, Really Good Job. Love The Bird. "Nothing To Worry About Here." -steps on trap door- "Oh Crap."