Reviews for "PALADIN episode 4"


Nice song choice for the battle in those catacombs, even if i hate children of bodom.. I love the series, by the way.. their AWESOME!

Great work

Damn man, your series are great! The animation is pretty awesome.
The thing that really got me was the skeleton fighting scene combined with Bodom's music, Lake Bodom fitted what was going on really fucking well! And Milan is simply awesome, I think he's my favourite character from the series :D




Gave me the chills the first time i watched the full series
Very dramatic and gets the adrennaline up ^

Not bad!

I love the Paladin series, and this is great. Long and still action, also funny! But, really? Everyone on the Earth is killed? Oh come on. Thats not possible. Still, I like this series. Now to watch Episode 5!