Reviews for "PALADIN episode 4"

It's awesome!

but sometimes the audio crackles a little. but other than that the story is great action is cool and its all around good animation!


(No pun intended) this is amazing. Redeems itself where all other previous episodes where lacking, including length. I wish it wasn't so close to being over! The series just keeps getting better and better.

Intelligence is golden?

"if i want to enter the caste undetected i should walk from here" how about
you dont alert everyone in a 5 miles radius by flying with bright white wings in
a grey/red world! Intelligence!! Your hard work really pays off watching the awesome quality of this flash really godlike xD. nice nice. Btw does crows have nightvision? how could he fly through those dark catacombs? no wait what!?!
someone pulled a lightswitch when the skeletons arrived! technology saves the day, he woulda beem powned if they kept the lights off! the undead maybe arent
that intelligent thought? D: Awesome shit yo!

Better and better

You can clearly see alot of improvement since the first episode :)


Awesome i played game as well how come lich king aint in movie?but stil;l great