Reviews for "PALADIN episode 4"

nice!all the best!!!

Yay first comment on this video for 2012!

I remember watching this series long ago when this first came out, and I am now currently rewatching it. It is crazy how much your art progressively got better from the first to now, and I've yet to watch the last ones. Watching your series evolve inspires me to draw, and to just keep practicing. Amazing job. Can't wait to see some more of your work!

Love it

Hee hee I love the bird! Great story too.

I love this series!

It's like an entire season of a t.v. show contained in 5 short flash movies.
And I find it hilarious how the bird sounds like black mage from 8-Bit theater.


Wow... An anazing flash.. and it's a ONE MAN PRODUCTION?!? U kno wut I think... 10 isn't enuff to rate this.