Reviews for "PALADIN episode 4"


All of humanity has been wiped out? ... You see, this is the sort of thing you include in the 'Detailed Backstory' thing you had in episode 3. Seriously. Milan is hilarious.

Improving work

I'd say you're doing fairly well. Overall, the quality is getting better. Your sound quality is good enough for the most part. I enjoy some of the humor you put in there. But the series seems a little... Forced? A little too overly done on some of the voices. The characters seem a bit flat too. Maybe add in some more wit, and a little less cliche macho hero/evil overlord.

Still, worth the watch though. Congrats :)


it just keep getting better and better :)


Awsome Series, Great Music Choices. It Made My Day To Hear Bodom's Music In Your Flash! Keep Up The Great Music

Strange glitch?

In the middle of the Skeleton battle part the scene turned to bad quality and after a few seconds switched to High quality. Is that normal?