Reviews for "More And More"

^^n ="D



JinTheBlue was rude not to ask you why the credit wasnt givin to the artist before just assuming, I think this was amazing and I have never heard the original :'D

AndreaDigita responds:

Haha don't worry about it ^^ It happens :P

Thanks for the nice comment ^.~



The time before I found Newgrounds, I didn't like Trance and Techno (I only knew those played on the radio - brrrr), but this has now changed. Your song got straight to my MP3 player. Thank you!

AndreaDigita responds:

Thats a good thing, trance and all sorts of electronic music are AWESOME! :D

Ty 4 da comment!

mmmm hixxy

takin it back right here. good choice of lyrics. i think this turned out very well. obviously you put time and effort into this song. so much respect from me and keep up the good work :) 10/10 5/5 -757irish

Great Song!

At least!
A Good Song