Reviews for "More And More"


This is a real good remix, even better than the original song in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

Holy man

What can I say I'm in love

Perfect (for my liking)

The more and more I listen to this song, the more and more I love it.

Amazing song

I just created an account on Newgrounds ONLY to be able to comment/rate this song.
I clicked on a random link yesterday and this is how I discovered this song...
It is amazing. I don't know why, I just LOVE it. listen to it again and again and I just can't be bored ^^ (Eventually, It will happen in a a couple days but until then... the song rocks!)

Not really writing a review but more of a question

Why is it I've heard these lyrics moths ago on some other similar song, or what is the name of the original song ( for those vipers that read th Author Comments that want to attack me with stupid insults that don't effect me....don't bother I've read the comments). It just sound so......familiar.