Reviews for "More And More"


great tune =]

Been Missing you'r work

Great beat, Voice, And much much muuuuch Creativity Love your work hopefully more like this will come out in the future =) -Dj Xioran


This song, is pretty amazing, and only a little away from being really legit. I feel if her lyrics werent choppy, and skipped up, the song would be perfect, i might be wrong. I feel you should try to throw a little more work at it, I wouldn't doubt hearing it in a club, or out smoking a bowl in a mall parking lot. lol.


I love this song soooo much I like listen to it every day :D

Great but..

The vocals could be more..."in the song feeling" ;). It seems like they should play more of a powerhouse role in melody. I mean..I realize that it is the focus, but it could use more "epic" if that makes sense.

I love the music! It's just technical things that are unnerving me a little.. Erm, I feel like there could have been a bit more progression in the song. The beginning has a nice bit, but later it kinda just relies too much on the vocals in my opinion. Also, I could use a few "wetter" synths. I dig the piano part though.

PUMP UP THAT BASS! I could use more of it :). And I mean in addition to the synth bass you have, I was something that makes my room shake. I have a sub and I intend for it to be used! ;).


P.S. Just trying to be constructive without coming off wrong. If I gave you a ten that would imply that the song could not be any better in any way. I give tens sometimes for moral support, but you have plenty of that. So you get an honest rating.