Reviews for "More And More"

Very Good

It's nicely composed and has an awesome beat.I wish you wouldn't repeat the same lyrics, it brought the song down because of it.Other than that it's a wonderful song and i hope you continue with this kind of stuff


I love this song! really I do! Just don't put a cheap voice sayin whatever sounds good. Now I don't think it deserves less than a five but dude trust me, lyrics is just too hard. What you could do is make a whisper instead of a voice. Just a thought. Just don't make it asian k? It reminds me of the chinese rave I went to when the music plays so fast and the voice is so high that it can ruin even the nicest tunes. You know what I mean ;)

This is nice!

Can't believe wingcommand said that lol. He's usually like OMG 10 STARS MAYN! But i guess he 10 stars hermite lol.


I loved it! Can't believe it got 0bombed to 4.26 / 5.00.

My song destiny's betrayal got 5th best of the week and that got 4.38 / 5.00 so i don't get how that works.

Loved the pads! I'm a great lover of ambience in trance music. Chord structure and pads are the greatest aspects for me.

At first I was liek, Huh?

The vocals were certainly new and unique, and at first I didn't like them. But days later I kept wondering where I heard them, and why they were so catchy. I came to the audio portal, and there it was. Love It.


The vocals ruined this song for me. The accent the girl has on some of her words are just really weird, and mess up the song. Aside from the lyrics, the rest of the song was amazing.