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Reviews for "B&G: Brotherly Love"


Hillarious, random, fifen. Anything else to say? Nothing besides FAFARACLOCK RAWKS!!!!!!!11111one1111

PlexityMusic responds:

Yes, indeed.

I'm not FafaraClock and you should know that by now. I am the great BlitzClock, or BlitzballClock if you prefer that!


This made my day. :)

PlexityMusic responds:


Don't shit your pants!

Just what you'd expect from Fafars

Fucking 5

PlexityMusic responds:

Spread it will'ya?

Fucking WIN

Dude, you seriously get like a 100 for creativity. Very different indeed. Nothing less than 5 and 10 from me. It would actually be kinda cool to see some kind of series come out of this.

PlexityMusic responds:



Nice man!

Agreed with Fork, this is seriously nice, and very creative... The mods should look into making this some kinda project...

PlexityMusic responds:

Perhaps so!