Reviews for "Strip Ware Inc."


L00ks like font page material to me... This one kept me busy for quite a while. The wide selection of minigames and questions really kept this game going very nice.

Really nice, british friend!

Keep working on that, you got a nice game there, very good, interactivity is super!

greetings from Canada!


I loved it, harder than shit on the top level


It kinda reminds me of a cross between strip quizzes, and warioware. In a good way. Make more.

Great but.....

i have a FEW things wrong with playing it
A) the game was too damn hard for me... except for on easy but whats the point... no nudity on that level

B) music was annoying

C) the questions were too damn missalaneouse... and im pretty sure i got some of them right... like 100% sure but it still counter it wrong

but great... just let me see her !!!!! ;(