Reviews for "Dead Mario"

Awwe he's not dead he's just sleeping... ok well

This is hawt. I saw this on the art portal and thought it was familliar, prolly cause ive played both mario combat games and the second one was sorta in this style. Anyway, been a while since i've seen your work and im glad to see it's still badass.
10/10 5/5

I like this whole lot because it's mario

but seriously this is much better than the usual anime fan art shit that makes it onto the art portal.

The colors stand out but there is a lot of extreamly subtle details that add to it overall.

all the wrinkles in mario's clothes and the details of the rotting mario corpse makes for a rather unsettling image.

Also this is pleasantly surprising to see that I'm not in the minority where everyone likes it and i don't.


Visions from the past...

This reminds me so much of Stephen Gammels work in the "Scary Stories to tell in the Dark" series... but in color. You've done an outstanding job and I hope to see more from you in the near future.


...............THAT IS AMAZING

Bizarre and yet...

so freakishly awesome. I really like this drawing. I'm digging the artists style.