Reviews for "Shinsetsu, Pas Ecchi"


It was very cute <( o w o )>!!!!!

Bomee responds:

hehe, no, you're cuter! ^.^

Kawaii! ^___^

Yay for Flash-Ga! I loved this.. Instead of looking at the twitching and fluctuating speed of the story as flaws, I kinda look at it as a bit of a technique in itself. ^_^ Flash-Ga wouldnt be Flash-Ga without all the Flash flaws in it, after all :3

I loved the character animation in this.. Im an artist myself, but not so much in the flash realm :P In photoshop and on paper I do furre, yiff, anime, and some original stuff, but none with the seeming ease with which these characters were done, and in the time frame you completed it!

Heh.. rant rant rant. I'd love to know your DevArt name, because I wanna see what else you can do! Im thinking of getting one, too.. All in all, very good flash, keep up the good work, and Ill look out for your next OMGFLASH-GA. ^_^

Bomee responds:

nummyz.deviantart.com :) I put up all four of my flashes there as well as some art for a game i was working on. thankies, i'd love to see your work on dev too, so if you get a chance to visit my acct, I'll check it all out :) Lol, i'll keep u updated on my next creation :) arigato!! *hugs* wonderful review and comments and insightful thoughts on what makes flash flash~


I thought it was pretty good. Plus, it was funny!!! I say 2 thumbs up!

Bomee responds:

thankies! ^_^


Just wrote this review to get that insulting one off the screen, I've watched this a few times now and although I think your other work is better, it is very stylish and a bit intrigueing.

Keep up the good work, but be a bit more serious about animations.

Bomee responds:

thanx luv, that's very kind of u! i agree, i need to work on animating, it's not my forte... i think i'm sticking to little animation click games lol :)

Beautifully done, as always...

Very clever, and very refreshing. It's nice to see something other than the usual sex-and-violence-filled hentai-type material.

I also like your game you posted, same reason as abaove. Very few truly romantic games in this type of genre. Also, mouse-drwan games are very rare.

Keep up the good work.