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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"


fucking hell. that was fucking outstanding, i myself am a DBZ lover, but still if this movie doesnt get through ill kill myself. It really was that dam good.

Good job, please make more ^_^

rebaz responds:

, yeah there certainly will come more,.. but i'm ALL out of idea's dude,... so it will take A LOONG time before you see a new one =D


Not bad

Nice but try adding some music during the fight scenes

rebaz responds:

yeaah, i always wanted that the music fits with the fight,, but i was stupid...i made the scenes and then i wanted to add some music >_<,...... =(


very nice bro

well this is a waist of time

this needs more action more blood a little sex themes and humoress ones not that touchy touchy kind the funny kind upgrade the graphics i mean seriously this better be ur first time making a crappy ''lil repeating slide show'' basicly well good luck with all this

rebaz responds:

you listen,... and youn listen up good.... omg you're such a retard,.you should not lissen but read... =D
anyway, dude dont be so harsh on me,
i started this,... after working with flash JUST 6 ! days...some people (that i know) need to work with flash like 1 year before they can make stuff....that you call crap, and COME ONE, do you even know how hard it is to create an flash movie??, i hope so,..next time be a lil gentle


Though i'm not a dbz fan, i think this is awesome.