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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"

Holy crap

That was better than theactual show. Can't touch this.

rebaz responds:

..i guess....you're right...=P

you give spriting a good name

that was extremely impressive - you may have used sprites but you used them better than ive ever seen - youre fights are choreographed awesomely - if you made youre own few pictures im certain you could make up your own battle - i dont have very high opinions of unoriginal work such as stik figures and dbz - but this was REALLY good - try to make up your own fight and itll get quite the feedback

rebaz responds:

i dont know WTF YOU JUST SAID BROTHER .....but you touched my soul man ...:P

i'm super glad you liked it =D

chea boyee

that was awesome, keep using sprites cuz ur one of the only people who can actually make them look good

rebaz responds:

yo dude, i dont know if ya going to read this, but hell yea!, so glad you say that, i was a Realy noob when i came in NG with my first movie....well i still am a noob,
but damn, i love this reviewXD , thnx for making me happy =3! (very...late response...like...1 year to lateXD?)

The fighting action in this flash is crazy!

My favorite part was when Vegeta got pissed because Brolly broke his MP3 player. The fighting scenes were really cool and fast paced. This is what I call a real DBZ flash. I liked how Vegeta and Goku teamed up there attacks, that was cool. This flash was really good and I enjoyed watching it. Nice Work!


rebaz responds:

hmm,..i guess you realy did like it,...but if you like this...you certainly will like the movie of LGDvegetto ....that guy gave me lil inspiration on making a super lighitng fast battle =D, i'm glad you liked it



mmmmmmmmmmmm 5o 5o its not that good but alrichgt

rebaz responds:

=D! open flash , and see what you can do with it =D!