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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"

Really nice and looks like a good entry!!

YEah rebaz this time you did it. This is amazing. Very nice I like the
effects and you've used a lot of tricks you used in your signatures on rgames. I saw you beginning small but now yur friggin pro. I really like the movie.. the humor the style the sound the effects.
Perfect! Well see you on rgames. Lets hope you have the best
movie in the contest. good luck.. I still have to make one XD

rebaz responds:

YOOOUU ROCK!!!!.... i think


I laughed so hard at Vegeta's MP3 player XD. And the constant attack on Brolly's balls only served to make it better.


rebaz responds:

now...this is a GUY WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR(dont know how to spell humor....who cares)...it is kind of stupid...that i laughed by my own jokes(just once =P) you ROCK

great movie

i love the dbz and that you made such a great movie out of it was kick butt but the add on's were a real nice touch there is really nothing well one thing the text scrolls movie to quick i'm a fast reader but that was not enogh time to make the jokes out on some but other then that great movie
peace out

rebaz responds:

yeah i noticed myself...that the text scrolling is to fast......(I SUCK :P)
nahh,...├Żou liked it? you did,...omfg...you rock man? you did vote 5??? no ,...ahw who cares,..you rock

Oh god not another DBZ thing

it's ok but I hate DBZ so I hate this move :P not fair judgement ahh and the thing with the can't touch this was good.

rebaz responds:

dude,...chill.....i could even make pictures of my DICK and made them fight..... its just.... dbz is the one and only that has lighting fast battles... =D, so..that means...it fits perfectly....

Hell yeah!!

This truly is a good looking pice of flash. Honestly man I`m really impresed with your work. The only thing lacking in here is music. Try to ad some catchy bgc tune and it`ll be perfect. It`s also nice to see that Vegeta developed some new hobby witch he`s so devoted to :P
Looking fovard to your next flash. Good luck man ;)

rebaz responds:

its hard to find music for a flash,..trust me... VERY hard

but i'm still glad you liked it =D