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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"

all of this..spleendid..

marvouless work!...i love it...
totaly! you are giving dragonball the glory upp a days ^_^...
you rule man!...youve gotta teach me how to do these kinda movies..
mahn...good work! yatta! (^_^)

rebaz responds:

i can help ya out... but wen trying stuff like this..it issent that hard though ..:\(and THAT is not a lie)

coool movie

but in your profile it says

Flash by rebaz:
- none -

rebaz responds:

i dunno.... i'm glad its fixed atmoment =D


Really cool fight scenes and the length was amazing. I can tell you put a lot of hard work into this. Only thing missing was background music. Very nice job.

rebaz responds:

check out'' LGDvegetto '' if you liked this ? and you're saying this is long,..ohw no boy =P this movie is nothing compared to LGDvegetto movie's(Sonic quest for power , start at part 2 or 3....because there you'l see how freaking awesome his animations are =D )



Well, not easy to remember everyone who dies in those series.

Good job.

Needs a bit more music.

And that's all I had to say.

rebaz responds:

AHW MAN, GOHAN IS GAY, Stop saying the name >_< =P


That was made with only a couple days of experience??? Dam man, that is frikin awesome!!! Three questions though:
1. Where the hell did you get the sprites??
2. Where the hell did you get the sound effects???
3. How did Super Saiya-Jin Vegeta have a chance in hell against SSJ 4 Goku?!?!?

^_^ Hope to see more from you that was awesome. ALL MY 5 R BLONG 2 U!

rebaz responds:

yo wassup men, i already reply's this but for other to know.... let me tell you =D

question 1 :
i like mugen allot!...you dont know what mugen is? WHAT A SHAME!!!!, its an 2D fighting game for you're PC

i used MEE(Mugen edit everthing) to rip the sprites, and i downloaded the char at wwwrokcorpnet ,and if ya wanna find out what Mugen is go to :
wwwmugenfurycom and read all about it

question 2 :
hmm, let me think,... i also ripped it with MEE,...so you should know what to do...i think...

question 3 :
its just an flash movie.... everything can happen in a flash movie... it could even happen that zarbon killed brolly....and then he got raped by vegeta..... or something...i think, anyway i'm glad you liked it...if i watch this movie myself....there is allot of lagging,..i dont know why >_<