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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"

Finally there are some smart one

This is a great flash it could use more music though. Finally someone other than me figured out to use sprites from mugen. This should definately be on front page.

rebaz responds:

there ya go!, someone smarter then me,......
i wished..this came on frontpage, it could atleast come into the collection...i think..because i'f seen some stuff in there,.....that realy is nothing compared to mine..ahw well, who cares,. life is a bitch



This is some good shit here man. Make more of these, PLEASE!

rebaz responds:


i'm glad you liked it =D

It was good...for a sprite flash.

I thought the effects were very well done. However, the conversations I felt could use some help, with both content and grammar. Next time maybe run a spell and grammar check to get the last minute typos out.
My biggest problem was the background. I like the forced distance perspective when they were hit off into the distance. But even a poorly drawn one would've been better than that eye sore of a grassy plain sprite one.
And I think the gay sex part was a little uncalled for. I didn't think it added much.
But all in all a decent sprite movie.

rebaz responds:

I BET YOU VOTED 5!!!!, man you rock :P

(i know you didnt vote 5 =P)


That was awsome. How did you make the backround move like that? But it was really funny when Yancha and Krillin was fucking each other. But they are straight in the cartoon. Its sooo retarted when that happened. But funny.

rebaz responds:

..hmmm.. i dunno how to reply...

WOOOW,..... you rock

glad you liked it =D

it was: quite awesome

Lol i really loved the part with vegeta and his mp3-player "revived" at the ending and goku responding, oh god not again.

what also was funny as hell was the part with piccolo making the wish for vegeta (and his mp3-player) while krillin and yamcha(?) were making a gay porn movie. (which was disgusting btw)

and the fighting was somewhat mean at certain points, with goku giving brolly the low blow, vegeta smashing his teeth out. with great effects of eyes almost popping out! :P

good show, hope to see more :D

rebaz responds:

yooo....brolly is the bad guy :P(he is my Favorite Char...=P) who cares if he gets beat up all the time =P

i'm glad you liked it =D