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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"

VERY GOOD! Deserves at LEAST a 3.80!

A VERY GOOD sprite animation! There haven't been many and yours is definately one of the best!

Graphics, although sprites and the fact that Goku was SSJ4 in this (I hate DBGT), they were animated superbly, lovely special effects and super fast fight sequences make this visually appealing!

The graphical style was sprites, but you managed to make the shots very good, even some psuedo-3d shots for camera movements ad well as cut-aways and focusing. Nice menu screen and stylish border.

Sound was decent. Sound effects, a little bit of music, synched well were clear and not a pain on the ears.

You captured the violence of the show perfectly in this, as well as the speed and moves. I'm impressed!

The humour was good, but a bit tasteless at times, there was 1 joke in particular that was really just uncalled for, but as for the rest, it was quite funny and gave me a few chuckles.

Overall, a great DBZ sprite movie and definately one of the best on Newgrounds. I urge others to look past the poor spelling (the creator is from The Netherlands) and the fact it's sprite based and rate it for the decent flash it is! You'll probably like it! I nominate this for inclusion on the DBZ crew!
Again, well done and I can see you will be a very good animator in future considering your age! Keep it up!

rebaz responds:


YEAH, i hate Dbgt to, it freaking irritated me
OMFG, dude i'm glad you noticed that 3D effect or whatever you wanna call it... i worked 2 HOURS (non-stop) on that part...and ohwyeah my english is REAL messed up,

i'f readed some reply's you did on you're own movie..and woow man, you're smart :P ....

in one word : PWNZORZ

you rock ..


umm.. is it just pretty music with repetitive bad graphical images? or is it sum kind of unfinished work? watever..

rebaz responds:


ok now first of all.... this is you're second review...and it already sucks...,

wait, let me guess? OHW IS THAT RIGHT? you dont even know how to open flash!!? now do you?..you dont even have a movie, and giving such bad review's.... you should have think before you reviewd something

i started this 6 days after using flash,.....so you could atleast be a lil gentle...

all you need? IS A REAL HARD FUCK!!!
good music? ohw let m guess...you're emo? gothic?.... OHW ...you dont even have a life...ok shall i send a razor blade? so you could cut you're wrists with it?

''or is it sum kind of unfinished work?''

and this is the evidence(proof or whatever,..dont know how to spell it in english),that you're stupid , becuase you did watch it all, and you wanna insult the movie/me,..you could atleast think about something better,

you dont EVEN know how freaking hard it is ..to make a good flash art

you're just sitting behind you're desk..thinking about how a guy could fuck you,... Dont you have BRAINS?
THINK, before you review

mehehehehehe, i just said this for fun..... this girl IS WAY TO STUPID =D

ok wtf?

maybe i dont understand but when it loads i cant even get it to play no play button or anyhing even pops up i preesed all the keys and clicked everywhere but it would play a lil help?

rebaz responds:

ehmm. i guess you dont have flash player 8...you're missing ALLOT of action man ...it truely is sad....

o shit this was hot

some sick shit man hot fight but wtf is with the mp3 player dam

rebaz responds:

the mp3 player...thats called humor dude.... you need to chill out,....ya know? like...chill out...... chill...



Im a DBZ fan and that was pretty great........................and I Also use sprites that i rip from mugen, but i use something better than, MEE, I use
zCharCad..........thats the best mugen tool out there............

rebaz responds:

ahw thank YOU!, that ZcharCad is great!
thank you allot dude

and i'm glad you liked the movie =D