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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"

superb sprite animation !

hey Rebazzle my lil' Shazzle !! Excellent work man ! I knew this movie was gonna be great ! The score is way to low...its around 3.30 ? it should be 3.80 + !
The action is far more advanced then any other sprite animation out here. I mean, check out the 3d-ish animation style! You really did great on the action part. The photoshop elements are great too ( blurry backgrounds , etc ). I do think the movie had to be shorter, cut out the dialogue parts and focus more on action scenes, it's clearly what ur best at.
I'm looking forward for a next DBZ movie. Keep up the great work, this movie is really great.
- Roger Gargantua

rebaz responds:

yeah, you're totaly right...i also seen you're Castlevania movie, DAMN! that movie is sweet...it also deserved an 3.80 and i'm not joking, that movie was freaking awesome =D

thank you for the idea...to make an movie... with :
goku vegeta vs cooler freeza..... maybe even..... Allot of bad guys,... vs Goku...ALONE =P

thank you men, You rock =D

outstanding work!!!

this is great man, keap up the good work. But I think you'll get a comment from the die hard dbz fans because the supersaiyens arent right. I am a dbz fan too but i can appreciate the humor. overall good done

rebaz responds:

you are right, but this is a whole another dimension...it is just Dbz chars...but it issent a part of the DBZ/DBGT story's/serie's...and the people who already know that, should NOT post review...and tell me,..that i made a goku ssj4 fight against brolly....

you get it? =P

its JUST AN FLASH...you should chill out =D


very nice flash amazing fight scenes and funny scenes

it was funny with vegeta an his MP3 player loool that made me crack up

"revive vegeta" "AND MY MP3PLAYER!!!!!" loooooool xD

rebaz responds:


Good gosh that was great!

Great job with such an awsome flash. The way you rendered the backgrounds with the fight scenes was flawless. All my 10 r belong to this.

rebaz responds:

WOOOHOOW... ahw man..i wanted a 40 out of a 10.... just like the other guy (nahh just kidding)

happy you liked it =D

Simply Astonishing!!!

Revive My MP3 Player!!!! From Hell. Genious. Luckily you revived him before Brolly went to hell, wait if u didnt revove Vegeta, the fight could continued in hell, ahhhhh

Either Way, Good Work, I Was Very Impressed! Do More.

And Please No Yamcha And Krillen Porn Star Videos.

rebaz responds:

''And Please No Yamcha And Krillen Porn Star Videos.''

to bad not everyone liked that part..XD
but if this had voice acting... you would die of laughing ..i did some voices my self..but it sucked so hard
so i did it without voice acting.. =D

glad ya liked it =D