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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"

Woei hoei hoei

Damn, really really well done. :D Already talked about it with you on msn. :P Hiiiiiiihihi! Fear not pplz me and this guy is gonna team up and make a hell of a flash... :D

A decent DBZ flash. Needs more work.

I did like this flash because..... well.... I really like the DBZ series. I think you need to read what you type because you didn't spell everything correctly. I think this flash could have gone without the gay joke... not that it wasn't funny. Hopefully you will improve your DBZ flashes. Can't wait until the next one. Good job and good luck.

rebaz responds:

yeah as i told other people the next one will be realy serious =D , maybe 1 joke..but i'm scrapping the gay stuff,
and ohyeah, i know that my english is bad, and i'm still young still learning.. chill =D

Very Cool

It's been a while since I've seen some of these types of movies thats pretty decent. Now that I am out of the whole DBZ sprite 4 ever stuff It's good to see that the spirit still lives on. With more emulators on the internett and more DBZ games meaning more sprites to rip! w00t!

Anyways the movie was pretty good. It caught my attention because YOU sent me a mail that I would see it. So I did.
The effects were awesome but you could have used some more time reconstructing the small damanged sprites (blue dots) on some of the chars. otherwise very neat. I guess because of the size, you couldn't use the music you wished for. I guess thats allright. The storyline was gay and so were the jokes. I didn't find them especially funny. And you should try to limit the gay humour a bit. When people look at this they just want action. Not Yamcha takin kirllin up da butt sex ' n ' lol.

So keep it up. You got Skybert's blessing

rebaz responds:

ok ok, you could be right(about the gay stuff..) and yeah maybe more of the blue dots, and yeah allot of people told me...that i should do MORE action then jokes,...hmm so be it =D
and thank you for you're blessing =D


I have to say, this is one sweet piece of flash....
(Teen Gohan and SS4 Goku XD)
Kinda wierd, but it was rerally great made, added it to favs :)

rebaz responds:

thats a real good idea :P adding my first post to you're fav...THNX =D

ThiS is OwnAge

WoW.. Rebaz..
this is LIke SUPER nice..
I liked the Mp3 Joke..
its nice yea..
Nice sprites u used there..
nice bg.. nice effects
Hope To see more of ur Pimp Ass Movie's!!

rebaz responds: