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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"

pretty damn cool and pretty damn funny.

I thought this was pretty cool and funny as hell, nice sound affects in the fight's and good humoour, keep up the good work.

rebaz responds:

finaly..someone that does not complain about the jokes -.-' but there is something wrong..the movie,...go's to SLOW if i watch it on my computer, it will go much smoother..i dunno why --_-'


that was great, this shows going on my favorites

rebaz responds:

..omfg.....i didnt expect all of this..but who cares..if i keep making these..and make you people happy...thats good enough..and next reviewer STFU about the gay jokeXD

glad you liked it men!!!!
hoping that part to will also come in you're favorite


Perfectly exellent movie.

rebaz responds:

OMFG , you got to be kidding me? you VOTED 1!!!??? OMFG !!!!

Glad ya liked it =D

Holy shit that was fast!

Its like there frickin bullets from a goddamn mini gun! Awesome movie. The mp3 with vegeta is the funniest though. next movie have somthing like an psp or a nintendo ds or something!. nice job! LMFAO!

rebaz responds:

sorry dude....next movie has an blooper scene select...and this part (P.O.T.U 2)..kinda serious though...because almost all the NG people were getting mad because of my jokes....it was...to funny i think.... some people even got heartattacks(just kidding).......some exploded(also a joke)

Glad you like it =D LATTA

you rock...a DS..awesome!! thnx for the idea..i think i'l credit you


This was the shit, y do people put low scores

this flash was one of the best dbz fights i've seen! Why do low life people gotta do this........oh ya dude one ur next flash try not to put anything gay, i almost like vomited.But great flash though im looking foward to ur next one.

rebaz responds:

yeah yeah,..next one..aint gay...me and my friend(slowshadow)...have scrapped the jokes.and i was thinking to create some bloopers scene's in the end...but no more gay stuff...

glad you liked it =D