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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"


Twas good! I like the 8-Bit graphics

You forgot one crucial thing when brollo or who ever was gonna die he didn't say; OH BOLLOCKS!!!!!!

I hope you learn from this LOL!

rebaz responds:

Wehehhehe, i dont know men, but that shit just made me laughXD

, yeap...''learned''

glad ya liked it!!

Excellent work

I really enjoyed that and didnt expect something so good. Excellent job, I hope more will be in the making.

rebaz responds:

yeap..., there will be more
Glad ya liked it =D


First thoughts before watching it: "Oh god not another one of these over done DBZ sprite movies"

however i watched it and was impressed, very good visuals...ok a bit of an understatement there, Spectacular visuals. FOr example when they powered up, the aura was great, the blurred moving backgrounds were excellent, and all of the other miscellaneous little graphics were great.

Truly a great movie, you have great potential, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

My only advice is expand your style a bit, you know

Chrono Trigger
Star Ocean 2

so many games that had great sprites that you could do. And that's just using sprites. I'd love to see a non sprite movie someday too. But enough of my rabbling. Keep it up man

rebaz responds:

mehhh start ochean and Chrono trigger.....i realy didnt played those games, so i probaly dont know were its about, but i can make a couple a spoofs about them and shiet XD

''so many games that had great sprites that you could do''

HEHEHE, Thnx men =D!!!
glad ya liked it


GREAT MOVIE ^^ *worships you!*
You must make more, I beg of you ! :D
ss4-punch to the nuts ! OUCH! xD

rebaz responds:

CHILL, yeah there will be more:P i'l think i'l change my commentand say : yeah guys there will be more of this , onlyt much more better graphix..
glad ya liked it =D LATTA!!


That was one of the best flash's I watched on NG wow man! I love you xD please make more and the mp3 player joke was awesome xD

rebaz responds:

men...i LOVE YOU TWO!!!!(not the gay way)

yeah men! i totaly know what ya meanXD
yeah ofcourse there will be more!!

so i'l guess i'l see ya latta!!