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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"


all bow down to da mp3 playa!

rebaz responds:

dont worry, brolly is just a playa hater, dont be fooled by him =D

i like it

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nice movie, and cool brolly sprite.
one quistion: why you use ssj vegeta but ssj4 goku ?

rebaz responds:



I swear all unfinished work must go in2 NewGrounds ALPHA!
Part 2 was unfinished man... how did it pass judgement?!
neways... good movie!
I loved the Vegeta MP3 joke U kept using...


rebaz responds:

wellXD i guess people realy liked it, ahw well, thnx you liked the mp3 joke XD


this is a frigin sweet ass sprite moive cant wait for the sequel

rebaz responds:

there was a sequel.XD but it pretty much sucks, anyway, Thnx for the review LATTA.


This is really cool. But I must say Armegeda is a little better than you in dbz flashes. But you two have the same style and special effects.

The mp3 player part was funny.

rebaz responds:

LOLOLOLOL Sup, nigga! This is afrodave... I just wanted to tell you that Amegada STOLE from rebaz... seriously. Rebaz showed him a flash he was working on, and he completely RIPPED a scene from it. And then, just to get rebaz really pissed off, he half assed it in two minutes just so he could submit it first! Is that hilarious, or is that hilarious? So now you are saying that he is better than rebaz?! LOL... Besides, amegada's DBZ animation was stiff as fuck... The tweens were more square than your grandma's ass... Go ahead, take a look. I bet you her ass isnt half as square as Amegada's tweens. Anyway, PEACE!! (lol... i'm sure you're amegada's alt, so that makes it even funnier)

Rebaz : i made this after 6 days working with flash
You are Stupid or amegada on another acount. AND!, But I must say Armegeda is a little better than you in dbz flashes.
i made this style of DBZ animating?
how can you say he is better X_X....
LGDvegetto, has a lil different style, so i didnt stole from himXD respect to him, Fuck sdkfsdlfj;zsdfglksdf i love these reviews =D, just as much as i do like your mom :P jokeRofl