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Reviews for "DBZ : P.O.T.U"

This came off as too weird to me. It was labeled as "action" but it seemed to be comedy. I mean, there were all these strange jokes in it. I didn't know what to really think of it. Why is Vegeta in Hell? He STILL hasn't redeemed himself enough yet?

It was just too awkward. The sprite work was nicely done, though. It was good to have a lot of action. I have just seen better DBZ flashes. At least it was unique, I suppose.

vegeta listening to can't touch this when he was dancing he got smacked upside the head by brolly

just don't try to make dbz funny you suck at it

ok super sayian 4 would have defeated vegeta easily also it would have anihilated brolly...

make another one

but make the next one with trunks having a mp3 player best parts with mp3 lolololololololol