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Reviews for "Lifeforce"


I found it to be beautiful, breathtaking, and downright amazing. As others have said, the piano should have been in there a little more to make it sound a tad more depressing/dramatic. My only problem is that it sounds strangely like something from a Haiyou Miyazaki (I spelled his name wrong) movie.

If I do use this in something, I will be sure to send you a link.

ac371 responds:

I think I'll alter it at some point, but unfortunately it won't be soon. It may sound like something from Hayou Miyazaki movie, because I'm a big fan of his productions (although I've watched them quite a long time ago). It would be great to see it used in something (don't really care what it is:D). If you'll ever need it altered in some way or original ost for your production don't hesitate to write to me;). Thanks for the comment:).


Impressive work! really liked the theme of the song, can't find a single flaw.

ac371 responds:

Thanks:) glad you enjoyed it.


its a great song!!!
nice instruments, great buildup... not much that can still be done on this
there is only one part i didnt like as much as the rest of the song
but its not something that ruins the song, so even though i would have liked it more when it would be different you dont have to fix it, i still tell you which part though so you know what i think
i didnt like the vibrato and the drum roll at 00:48-01:20
it did give a cool feeling, but i wish you tried something else instead or did something more with it to give a effect alike, but with a better fit