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Reviews for "Lifeforce"

Love it

This song sounds mystical when that flute comes in! It made me think of some kind of fairytale or legend or something, awesome music indeed!

ac371 responds:

I know, flute rox;D it adds a bit to the atmosphere. Originally, I wanted violin to play its part but I changed my mind:)

very nice

A beautiful piece you made! Very impressive, and makes people think of their life (at least me). I like the part at 1:36 when the piano starts up most. Make more like this:)

ac371 responds:

Your interpretation is quite correct:) I mean the song was meant to be about the changes in life. Piano part was improvised but it turned out pretty good. Thanks:)

Nice song...

This music makes me re-think as to what life's all about and make it better. Love it :)

ac371 responds:

Thanks a lot:)

Just tear-dropping

I was almost crying in the face of this audio. Moving, touching, and soothing at the same time. Just the sad, symbolic feel I was searching for in a video i was making. If you wanted me to feel this way, congratulations.

ac371 responds:

Wow, thanks. It means a lot to me. Feel free to use it in your video if you want:) (just drop me a line if you finish it - I'd like to watch it). There are some parts in this song which I'm planning to alter soon. Thanks again:)

Fabulous in every way

Truly a masterpiece - I loved every second of it. Keep making music marvels like this, they're absolutely fantastic.

ac371 responds:

Thanks a lot for the support. I'll definitely keep making music and hopefully 'music marvels' too;). Thank you.