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Reviews for "Uncle sm24s Big Adventure"

Great game

Great flash, I loved it. Why didn't you post this on the AAHC?

scottmale24 responds:


Has Potential

As an experiment or preview, this is pretty good. Flesh out the characters, have an actual sotry with more than one room and you'll have yourself a pretty good game.

Good Potencial

You my friend, have some good potencial at your fingertips. You obviously know how to use hit tests, text scrolling, and changes in character direction. All you need now is a longer plotline. Keep gunnin', and you'll eventually get there.


.........Nothing to say..............but............. this is a peice of crap

whats /\

seriously, the file size was smaller than a ten second video. that's messed up yo. and yu couldnt go that extra step ad make the guy walk. i could understand if you are just learning to make games. but you don't need to be submiting it.