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Reviews for "Uncle sm24s Big Adventure"

I took me 2 hours...

..But i finaly finished your game! man was that ever hard i mean with the whole walking around the room with nothing to do then all of a sudden BWAMO! I go to the computer and masterbate. I mean WOW who knew i could have so much fun! ;)

ps- please respond...I like responses :D



Don't do that!

Scottmale don't scare me like that, You of all people know how scary the outdoors is to us!

::see you space cowboy::


Kay well...

I gotta admit... the presentation had me going for a sec. Given my fear of the outdoors I figured it wouldn't be a reality game. xD

You had me worried there for a moment...

...Silly Scottmale and your comtemplations about going out side.

But you made the right choice in the end.