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Reviews for "King of Skeleton"

Ad for shaving gel?

Ok so you slide down the ice and you pick up"Magnaglide Shaving Gel"(R)(TM)(C).It's "Super Low Friction Formula"(R)(TM)(C)will increase your speed on the ice.

This is as bad as those "Mach 3"(R)(TM)(C) commercials.Thats all this is anyway is another freakin commercial.


It was pretty good

Well it wasnt too bad of a game i dont see why people are complaining. I think it was a good game but i found it weird that i could beat the olympic records on the medium stages but not on one of the easy ones maybe i just suck.

Well overall i thought it was a good game. Good luck at the olympics.

not too shabby

i don't see whats wormg in advertising in games - i see it as a fantastic way to sell your product. also, if console games took advertising placements maybe game would drop in price which is good for everyone

this game was pretty good, i don't know how hard 3D style programming is, but i don't see it that often so this must be a good job.

the crashing animations were a nice touch and made me laugh

the ability to turn the music off was a blessing - also allowed me to listen to KISS whilst playing

the game is a bit simplistic - but since when did that matter - king of buttons showed us that. this game is worth a look at, but hardly worth spending hours over.


I don't know why the other ppl are mad because of the game, its fun to me. the only bad thing was advertisin. it sucks. how come the first medium level is harder than the second?


Firstly, advertising in games is stupid. Plus, the music was boring and gets on my nerves. And the game is also too damn hard, tried to first level like 20 times the best I could was 1:16:17...

Why do you have to touch the lubes with ONE FUCKING PIXEL OF YOUR HELMET? If I miss by 1 millimeter, but my helmet touches the lube, why do I still miss it?

This game sucks, this'll be the second time I vote 0 on it.