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Reviews for "King of Skeleton"


I loved that, it was amazing. I tried to find all the fall off animations i could, but only saw three, that might be all of them but they were great. Reminded me of an old winter olympics game i used to play on the computer.

Simply beautiful.

ChrisKempt responds:

There are actually four animations in total, looks like you need to play some more!

heh heh...lube

only so so, it wasnt a great game by any means. personaly i kinda jsut sat back and let the tray thinigie go where it pleased and i made it to the end wit a pretty good time. Its plain to easy, that and its to hard to see the little tubes of lube (hee hee hee lube) on the way down.

I liked the idea of bringing skeleton into the light but i personaly jsut didn't like the game that much

Pretty sweet but...

Good but Where the fuck is the quality settings option? O_o, The quality goes to low when you play and I want it to be a high quality! so next time make a quality option pls :)

ChrisKempt responds:

Sorry you thought this wasn't ideal, the game checks your current frame rate and adjusts your quality setting accordingly to ensure you see it playing at the best possible quality whilst still remaining playable. Try closing down some other windows and it may run faster.


The animations when you go off track are hilarious, and the game is ace, so a good review from me.

Poor concept with decent execution

So by collecting a popular product with the celebrity I'm going faster and faster thus getting closer to my ultimate goal? You aren't very subliminal with your advertisements, are you? The game itself was fun for about 30 seconds but after the first race I realized shaving gel isn't going to make me an olympic skier. Hell, if I was any more "lubed" I'd be taking it up the but not unlike the advertising masterminds at work in the production of this subpar game.