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Reviews for "King of Skeleton"

Last ones friggan tough..

I made it to the last one, didnt fall off.. best was 50 26... wow fun game and kinda addictive .. gj...


I had to finally give up that "super hard" course. My best time was 54.03, because I couldn't make it without getting thrown off at least once. That's good (though frustrating), because if it were easier I would have beat the game and moved on. The challenge is what makes it addicting. I liked the music that went with it, because I didn't notice it at all as I was actually playing the game. I thought the little animations that happened whenever you were thrown off teh course (which didn't happen until that last level!) were amusing. Good job.

Not bad at all. Good physics.

I liked it. The sound could definitely use some work, but it was a solid game overall. Good job!

pretty good

Not bad for a flash game, deffenitly creative :) like the person before it could use some tweakage, fix the arrows and such. overall good idea though.


This game has potential but there are alot of things that need to be fixed, the arrow shows you where to go after you need to go there in some places and you can miss the lube even though you hit it.