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Reviews for "King of Skeleton"


I got 46:74 on Nutterhorn... I reckon if I had an hour to spare I could crack it. Yeah... Nice game, love the crash animations ;)


Why did u make the Nutterhorn impossible? the best i can do is 48.17!!!! goddammit why do u make the qualifying 46?? make it 48.50 or something so people can get it, sheesh.

Gave it a 9 mostly for humor..

Its funny when he flys off..

Good Diversion for a few minutes

fun to play, and while not perfect (a boost system would have been nice), a good diversion. Well made, too.

Im sort of inbetween

I dunno... I got 45:39 on the last track, but it didnt put anything into the olympic record thing... and it should say something besides "You beat the final track!"... like i dunno.. Congradulations or something.. lol