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Reviews for "King of Skeleton"

very nice

big ups i liked it very much beautiful back ground it looked real although i kept flying off the track haha i gave u a "5"

ChrisKempt responds:

Thanks! With a bit of practice you'll get it... just follow the yellow arrow.

Too Commercial

I hate flash games that sell themselves out, and yours did just that.. The gameplay wasnt bad, but if you could have had a different pick up to increase speed, instead of Advertised Shave Gel, maybe you would have gotten a better score...

ChrisKempt responds:

Sorry you feel that way mate but I respect your opinion. Personally I think if the game/movie is good then I'm not sure it matters? But that's just me.

I'm really impressed!

I had to look at your profile to see whether this was really your own submission! It looks and feels extremely professional! I think you must already realise you have great skills as a flash artist, but I'll just tell you agian - You really do have some class there!

good game, very nice graphics, and good effort.

I feel lucky I saw this while it was in the protal! and not on the front page (which doubtless it should soon be!)


ChrisKempt responds:

Thanks d00d, I'm genuinely touched by your nice words. 3 of us worked together on this so the others say thanks too :O)

nice 3d grafix man !

yeah realy ! ^-^
i voted 5
thanx 4 the free save point :-)

ChrisKempt responds:

Chortle! Yeah.. makes a change from free blam points eh :O)