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Reviews for "King of Skeleton"


i love that! this is a super chill game. and realy! LUBE! i laufed soo hard!

(misspeling intentional)


Not bad, but I think its too repetitive. All you have to do is steer back and forth... it gets a little boring. And I thought I was the only guy who got a little uncomfortable seeing the word "LUBED!" every time you picked up the gel. Anyway... it's OK but a little too normal.


lol, just had to say that. great game, i love the feeling of speed this game gives you. the things it shows wherew you fly off the track are great too. good job.


I'm disappointed in this submission only, because there is a lack of controls just pressing a few button's doesn't make a game fun.

Cool game

this is a pretty cool game, i gave it some funny cause when you fly off the course you hit a snowman so, its a kool game