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Reviews for "King of Skeleton"

ha ha ha

LUBED! ha ha WTF pretty good game, the last level was too hard for me tho :( but other than that it was pretty fun


This game had me wondering what exactly this guy was doing when he made this game. I don't know that much about skeleton but I'm pretty sure lubing up with shaving gel on the course isn't part of the sport. I also found myself wanting to make the guy fly off the tracks because the actual game was so friggin' boring. The only redeeming quality this has is you can supposedly win tickets to the olympics.

At least it's not a stick movie.

This kind of game is somewhat boring, so try and make something with more action, like tricks, or make a different type of game.You just gotta follow that arrow over there. It's freaking boring.


not bad, just it seems too repetitive, but i still think its good


Ya its boring. You see the same scenary over and over and you just go left and right bad graphics, boring same thing over and over to easy, try better next time.