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Reviews for "King of Skeleton"

Hilarious, Fun and Different

This game has many different outstanding points. I love the crash animations for thier hilarious and fun to watch, the graphics while sliding are terrific, and the skeleton dash sport, I havn't seen a good one like this yet.

Very nice job, two thumbs up my friend.


At last, something good!

I dont like sports turned into flash, but this was kinda good! Long time, no good flashes. This changed all. You saved my day! Make more! I voted 4 'couse I wasnt sure of is it 4 or 5.

I dont hate it I dont like it

You know when you play a game like Dynastie Warriors your thinking this is crap and I am only going to play for a little bit more and ypu end up playing for hours while this in a sense is like dynastie wariors with that whole this is bad so why dont I stop thing.

NIce game!

I was trying couple times to come up with a farely good 3D looking engine to make a 3D like game, but neer had anything small enough for web.
I forgot all about shifting planes.. you shown a good and easy example of 3D immitation. Thanks on that!. And good job on fun game.
Tood bad that all levels are the same looking. -
Why not make one at night, another one in the snowfall, another in the sunset! Also surrounding things beside trees!
that would be great! If you came up with such a game, it shouldn't be hard to make those additions.

Hope you make em in new version or so!

PS- realy liked the part where player flies into snowman or tree.
could add some more things though.

it was fun and addictive

but, to agree with the last reviewer, the last level was pretty hard. not that i'm complaining or anything. a challenge is good. especially on newgrounds, where games are generally too easy. good job.