Reviews for "qho episode4-HELP"

Makes you think

i loved hearing p's cannon at the end, with an oriental twist! the bakground was unique and beautiful, but the sound effects where kidna annoying, and the 'story' moved kinda slow. it was really great though, with a good and thought provoking moral.


loved the grapics, especially the background. didnt likethe beeping sound everytime a bit of text came up...seemed unecessary and hurt my ears. the story/joke was good...but i think it could be mad funnier...maybe a little more anticipation or something, im not sure.


Dude! awesome work I wan to be that Bear! i liked the others flash of your series youre a master in Flash


I loved it. I was also wondering...where did you get that version of Pachebals Cannon (the ending song to the movie)?

I loved this!!

The characters...simple. I like the simplicity. Complicated can be bad.
They were so well done! The emotions, the actions. Everything was smooth.
I feel this was VERY WELL DONE!
Also, the joke was funny.
But yeah, I loved this.