Reviews for "qho episode4-HELP"

So wonderful! Well done!

Great job! Hey what's the tune at the end by the way?

Very nice

Your movie kinda reminded me of Totoro just the stubby arms on the charactors.I've watched all your flash it was all very nice.


Very original drawings and especially the painted background... I loved the characters the animation was flawless.... All 5 on this Flash. Very Good Stuff.

i would say it is great

i kinda expected the ending, but not that it hurts this flash in any way.
this is actually quite good. but why do i hear the music every time? that music at the very end of this flash? this is the 3rd "version" i've heard this. a rock version on the guitar, one in a korean show on the piano, and now this...hmm...
anyway, this flash is a good one. a 9 for you!

I could be wrong but..

I THINK I have some understanding of the moral... something like, its best to leave people alone sometimes? or... the old saying "don't bite off more than you can chew"? As in, dont offer to help if you can't and/or get yourself involved? Cause of that's the case...

I still feel bad for the piggy lol

Anyway, I love all your flashes. Simple, lovely,to the point and with a moral. It's a nice change from all the violence and perversion that runs this site.