Reviews for "qho episode4-HELP"

I liked.

The thought of it was nice, then he ate him and I was like "lol".

Amazing, once again!

I love all your submissions, I especially like PARTING. This is quite great, I love your style, it has a simplistic greatness, nothing too showy either, and I like that. I love the version of Pachelbel Cannon you have at the end of each flash, it's one of my favorite songs. I would like to know what other songs you used for your flashes because I really like them and would like to play them. :D Phenominal job, hope to see more. :]

Very interesting... watch it.

ok first off, nice background. the usage of a painted background is an unusual but great twist.
I love the style of your work.
You can't really expect interactivity in a clip so that's not a factor
Probably, one of the things that puts this anim. on my favorites list, is the lack of violence. Too many people these days are wired on violent animes, games, and ect.
Great work + moral

that bear is a jackass

how could he eat the cute little piggy?
well done, simple and to the point.


I thought the end was funny, and the style is awsome, i love it.
Yet again, you have amazed me!