Reviews for "Ninjaman!"

GOOD GAME but a little TOO easy.

Tell you what this game ROCKS DUDE!!!! How'd ya manage to make this kinda game? And also,to all the players who have played this game,I want to share to ou the AWESOME MOVES I discovered in this game.This is the moves I learned from this game(I also names it):

Nova Blade: Press ^ and > alternately and press "d"(attack).Power ful on land and air.

Meteor Sword: While in air,press "down" then attack key.Has a long range of impact and powerful.Enemies who get hit by this attack two times will be killed.Powerful on land.

Lightning Barrier: Press "down" and > alternately and press attack key.This attack can be a barrier nor an attack because enemies who get close to this attack can be sent to the moon in no time.Powerful on land and in air.

Whirling Blade: This one is easy,just press "down" and attack key.This is most powerful when you are surrounded by enemies.

Uppercut Blade: This one is easy too,press "up" key and attack key.Powerful on air.Can you guess why it is powerful on air than on land?


very cool

This is beyond great!

This is one of the best games on newgrounds yet! I've played this every day snce it was released and it's number 3 on my favorites list. Awesome job, keep up the good work, and make more!

It's great

Loved it really good game you should be pround of this one, and wen the next one cumin out.


nice style i like it and those catmonsters :P